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Why do networking customers continue to experience the pain?

40-year-old Protocols

Until now, network architectures have relied on 40-year-old designs that have been stretched to their limits . . . they aren’t wrong, but struggle to dynamically assign network resources, guarantee QoS, or overcome numerous security risks.


If we had a tool that could assign logical names to things, manage by logical name, and control the logical associations and workflows among VPN members, without being nailed to IP addresses, we would have a perfect tool! (“Networking in the Age of Virtualization”)


There remains a vital need to simplify and reduce the cost of configuring/managing networks, as well as the effort required to develop and maintain. RINA lowers complexity, which reduces defect opportunities and simplifies management.


Recursive Inter-Networking Architecture

RINA’s recursive methodology is extremely efficient – only two key protocols (not dozens) that reduce complexity and lines of code, and run on minimal hardware resources.

A new way to simplify and reduce the cost of configuring and managing networks, and reduce the effort required to develop and maintain secure wide area network applications.
John Day

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What are our networking customers asking for?

Improved Quality of Service

  • Resiliency
  • App optimization
  • Deployment options
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Interoperability
Measurable improvements

RINA-based Solutions deliver

  • Increased Network performance: Through congestion avoidance and multipath routing.
  • Reduce Network Complexity: Reduction in required protocols.
  • Mobility as a first class citizen: Seamless support for mobility and multi-homing without the need of specialized protocols.
  • Security: Private, non-IP address connections.
  • Consistent QoS model: From the application to the physical medium.
  • Application discovery: across multiple layers and networks.
  • Customer cost structure: Savings in app development and maintenance.
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